Management of Information Attaché’s Offices

Management of Information Attaché’s Offices

Within the great development witnessed in the world in the field of information and communication, it was necessary for the Country to work towards caring for external information, which reflects its image acquaints the World with it and defends its principles and sovereignty. However, despite the availability of technologies and smart medias, it is not possible to dispense with the ancient form known to the world; direct communication. It is the same thing which was developed and promoted to the technologies we see now and are acquainted with.

Among the old form in the field of information and communications are the Information Attaché’s Offices in Embassies.

These form what is considered to be one of the arms of the Ministry of Information abroad. They form the means for executing the information policy abroad.

Regulations Organizing the Work of Information Attachés’ Offices:

According to the regulations issued by External Information Council in the Ministry of Information, the External Information Office is the one that sets the policies and directives about Information Offices, and, hence, supervises, follows up and directs the Information Offices activity.

The Ministry of Information is the one responsible for the selection and nomination of Information Attaché’s according to specific bases and criteria. There is also cooperation and integration between the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they shall work together towards preparing the appropriate work environment for Information Attachés’ Offices to carry their roles to the optimum way possible.

Tasks and Specialties of Information Attachés’ Offices :

The tasks and Specialties of Information Offices are represented in the following:

  1/ To acquaint the various Nations with Sudan in respect of people, culture and resources.

 2/ To create a better understanding and more cooperation in aim of exchange of benefits, interests and attracting investment.

 3/ To record anything that is published and propagated about Sudan by information media in places of representation.

 4/ To carry the task of responding through the use of all information media to project a positive image about the Country.

 5/ To coordinate stances in respect of information with Regional and International Organizations.

 6/ Building and strengthening relations with analogous and peer characters and Institutions.

  7/ Participating in symposiums, lectures and meetings which support the image of Sudan abroad.

  8/ Working towards activation of Information Agreement and following up executive work programs.

  9/ Inviting Information and Press Delegations to visit the Country.

 10/ Organizing press conferences and meetings of Political Leaderships and Formal and Official Delegations on their visits to representation regions.

 11/ Daily communication, through E-mail, with the Center to receive directives on which the General Opinion had been established as well as the developments that took place and dealing with the Sudanese affairs within the International circles of decision making, in addition to coordinating campaigns of information confrontation.

The Information Attaches’ Offices currently working are:

In the Arab Region: Cairo – Dubai – Doha – Oman.

In the African Region: Addis Ababa – Nairobi – Pretoria.

In the European Region: London – Berlin.

In the American Region: Washington.

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