Sudanese Transparency Organization: improvement of Corruption Perception Index in Sudan ….. positive step

Translated by: Belgees Fagier
Khartoum, (SUNA)- Sudan achieved improvement in Corruption Perception Index "CPI" according to first report issued by " Sudanese organization of transparency "SOT" for year 2015 aimed internally, to improve Sudan's image in Citizen's eye and externally for reports of International Transparency Organization" ITO" particularly , what contributes to attract support and grants from concerned countries , which depends on the state's classification in " I T O".

The report explained that Sudan achieved improved in combating Corruption, what encouraged" S OT" to go foreword in achieving its main goal of encouraging the government to combat corruption and spreading culture of transparency and honesty and to explain risks of corruption in all life fields ,while " CPI" give indexes to state to strengthen its bodies against corruption.

These channels doesn't considered deterministic indexes for corruption levels or a gauge to measure its levels in the country. But the reliable ways that issued from Official People, who are in posts enable them to assess levels of corruption either inside governmental institutions or in the Private sector, They are bodies on which relied upon For that " STO" called to law of Protecting the informers inside the institutions or the citizens.

Chairman of " S O T " Dr. Al-tayeb Muktar Al-tayeb and Maulana Abdul- dayem Zumrawee , member of the organization asserted in " SUNA Forum" Recently, concerning improvement of " C PI in Sudan" , will encourage to intensive efforts to achieve transparency, Dr. Al-tayeb indicated that corruption is the illegal and hidden activities and didn't disclose unless through what percolates to media, courts and newspapers.

Dr. Al-tayeb explained " C P I" doesn't mean Country Corrupt , but it is an index to predisposition for corruption and country came in low grade ,it doesn't mean also the country is Corrupt . adding this index has two sides, national and external, which prepared by " I T O" and depended on specialized bodies in Public and Private sector. after that report writes according to the Collected data during last year.

The International Organization collected all these reports to assure that they identical with standards , then they analyze information and prepare the report to submit it to specialized bodies in level of transparency in fields of ( Budget, bribe , abusing of power and obstacles that face investors said Dr. Al-tayeb and confirmed " to find out that this country Corrupt or not , depends on grades and not rankings , which doesn't give complete image on corruption, particularly from Point of view of businessmen and experts. And pointed that " ITC " ( S O T, doesn't belonged to it) gets its information from networks of organizations in 90 state.

On his part, Mowlana Zumrawee expressed on his Satisfaction on the organization activities, spite many challenges. and renewed the importance of active mechanism to reduce rates of corruption. The organization targeted to disclose points of shortcomings to government The report pointed that there are improvement in combating corruption, but there are also shortcomings in specific points and called the government to fill these gab and remove impediments to achieve transparency and honesty in country.

Dr. Al tayeb conducted comparison between two reports issued from " I T C' in 2014-2015, explaining that measurement depended on 16 item, of between it (9) were promoted ( 29.7%, in a rate 56%) adding that there are 4 items are missing, represents in ratification on Arab Organizing of Combating Corruption, to find Strategy for Combating Corruption, Law of protecting Informers in addition to rarify on the African Agreement of Combating Corruption.

In besides , Mowlana Zumrawee reviewed ingredients of Transparency which represents in Availability of Freedoms and he appreciated for political development in Sudan including current national dialogue that witnessed wide participation to reach for an agreement acceptable for all.

Worth mentioned, "STO" is volunteer organization established in 2008 and began its actual activities in 2013 and according to its Officials , it targeted to reforms and guiding steps to change Sudan's human and contributing in realizing transparency.

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