Structure of the External Information Council





Structure of the External Information Council:

The Structure consists of:

  1. Office of the Secretary General.
  2. Administration of Foreign Journalists and Correspondents Affairs.
  3. Publishing and Printing Administration.
  4. Observing and Follow-up Administration.
  5. International Relations Administration.
  6. Management and Financial Administration.
  7. Information Attachés’ Offices Administration.




  1. 1.    Office of the Secretary General:

This is the First Executive Office of the Council. It chairs the Council Secretariat which prepares for the quarterly Council meetings, and follows up executing the Council recommendations.

  1. 2.    Administration of Foreign Journalists and Correspondents Affairs:
  • It deals with the affairs of Foreign Journalists who visit the Country in their various and different information Institutes (Newspapers, Broadcast, Television and News Agencies). This is represented in organizing the movement of Foreign Information presence in the Country. This shall come through granting them visas, executing programs and coordinating between these Institutions and the Country Institutions.
  • It shall care for affairs of correspondents of Foreign Mass Media in all their previous distributions who are accredited in Sudan, whether Sudanese or Foreigners. This shall come through granting them licenses and anything that assists them in carrying their tasks.
  • Obtaining photography permits for Information Institutions and the various foreign companies and Organizations.

Administration of Publications and Printed Matter:

  • Production of Sudan’s Annual Book in three languages; Arabic, English and French, which contains information in various fields. It produced also in CDs.
  • Production of publications in the form of booklets, folders and maps in three languages, which identify the Sudan.
  • Preparation of documentary video films and CDs. In the various fields.

International Relations Administration:

  • Preparation of binary agreements in the field of information between Sudan and other Countries in coordination with the Information Corporations which are: The Radio and Television Union, Sudan News Agency and the Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences and Information Training.
  • Activating binary cooperation in the field of Information with countries with which it signs agreements.
  • Activating Cooperation with International and Regional Organizations in the field of Information.
  • Organizing workshops and conferences and holding meetings of the Council for Coordinating External Work.


It shall consist of:

  1. A.   The Administration of Information Attachments:
  • Supervision, guidance and observing activities of Information Attachés’ Offices abroad.
  • Providing Attachés’ Offices with information, publications and work auxiliaries.
  • Carrying studies for expansion and establishment of Information Attachés’ Offices in new regions.
  • Following up the budgets of information movement and following up the administrative issues of Information Attachés’ Offices.
  • Arrangement and coordination with offices of Space Channels in Khartoum to host Sudanese characters in those channels.
  • Collecting the preparation of daily, weekly and monthly bulletins and reports coming from Information Attachés’ Offices and to send them to the Observing and Follow-up Section to treat and avail them to those responsible.
  • Arrangement of holding conferences, seminars and forums at Regional level for responsible Sudanese figures in regions of representation.

The Administration of Observing and Follow-up:

  • The Administration works towards observing all that is published and transmitted in International Mass Media about the Sudanese Affair, and towards providing the Country Leadership with a report that includes the most significant incidents.
  • The Administration shall issue a monthly statistical report about the news and reports about Sudan that were published in Foreign Media Masses. The report shall analyze and extract the objectives targeted by those media.
  • Preparation of files for all the significant and critical incidents as well as the National issues.
  •  Providing the External Information Website with news, reports and essays on a daily base, and to reply to all information campaigns which target the Country, and to show the faulty facts and information published by hostile Information websites.
  • Coordination with Information Attachés’ Offices in observing Foreign Information Organs in their representation regions, and to exchange reports with them for the benefit of both Parties.




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