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External Information Council

The External Information Council was formed according to the Decision of the Council of Revolution no. 3 for 1993, and under supervision by the Minister of Culture and Information at that time. This came in support for the Sudan’s steady stances towards all Local, Regional and International issues.

The theme of External Information started in 1968 and was restricted in the form of one of the Administrations in the Ministry of Information. It was within the activation of external as well as internal information, and enhancing the tendency towards delivering the information address, that the decision no. 567 for 2003 was issued by the Council of Ministers to the effect of forming the Council of External Information Council, headed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Information, and membership of 12 persons representing each of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Finance and National Economy, the Organ of Expatriates, the Sudanese Corporation for Radio and Television, Sudan News Agency, the Council of Popular Friendship, the National Security Organ and the Information Consultancy of the Presidency of the Republic, with the Secretary General of the External Information Council as a Secretary for it.

The External Information Council falls under the Ministry of Information. It works towards identifying the Sudan within the Country’s policies and to preach about the policy of peace. The Council supervises all the external information work and coordination of efforts in this field. It works towards the deep-setting, encouragement and activating relations and ties with similar institutions and to propagate for Sudan stances in International and Regional assemblies.

Among the tasks of the Council is to work towards achieving a foreign public opinion that backs the National issues, to coordinate between the various information organs to direct the information message externally, to provide information that reflect the positive stances and achievements in the Country. It shall also provide the Embassies, Communities, Societies and the various Institutions abroad with information materials, record and follow-up external information directed towards Sudan whether negatively or positively, to manage information campaigns directed against it, and to supervise the work of foreign correspondents working in Sudan, receive foreign journalists and organize their entry to Sudan through coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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