President Al-Bashir affirms Sudan keenness to boost bilateral relations and cooperation in all fields with China

Khartoum, (SUNA)-President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir has directed the Committee assigned to manage China file, to go ahead as a team to enhance relations between

Sudan and China as implementation to Partnership Agreement signed by the two countries.

The President, while he was chairing the first meeting of the Committee in the Republican Palace , Wednesday, asserted Sudan's keenness to boost bilateral relations and cooperation in all domains with China in a way that serves common interests of people of the two Countries.

Member of the Committee, Dr Awad Al-Gaz said in press statements after the meeting, that the Committee is chaired by the President Al-Bashir due to importance of relation with China and that the Committee has been assigned to enhance such relations in political, economic, social and cultural fields , especially after signing up the Strategic Partnership Agreement.

Al-Gaz underlined that members of the Committee undertook to work as one team to achieve the common interests by utilizing the the two countries' potentialities through giving priority to productive and strategic projects .

He expected that China will form a similar committee for boosting joint coordination and cooperation ,especially after China found keenness from Sudan to push further relations between the two Countries.

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