The Ministry of foreign affairs summons US charge D'affaires on expansion of experts' mandate

 Khartoum,  (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday summoned the US charge D'affairs to the Sudan, Jerry Lanier, at the background of the resolution adopted by the USA and which it submitted to the UN Security council on the expansion of the

mandate of Panel of Experts, relative to the resolution 1591, and to which the US added some unjust paragraphs against the Sudan, dealing with gold mining in the country.

The undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conveyed to the US charge D'affairs that view of the Sudan that the resolution contradict the general spirit of the bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in light of the recent visits by the US envoy and his meeting with the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs and the meeting of the Sudanese minister of foreign affairs, professor Ghandour, with the USA President Barak Obama in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

To this the undersecretary pointed to other exchange of visits at various levels. He said the US moves regarding this resolution contradict the spirit of cooperation that has been prevailing on a number of regional issues.

The undersecretary said the Sudan was actually expecting an opening of a new page with the new administration with regards to the bilateral relation and regional and international cooperation, but the US supervision of the resolution, came as a disappointment and ignore all the said cooperation, added to this it avoided any mention of the rebels groups and their endeavors in undermining the security and stability not only in the Sudan but equally beyond the country to neighbors as well the country

The undersecretary asked the charge D'affairs to convey the dismay of the Sudan against the American's undermining of the country's resources and to the American unilaterally imposed economic sanctions that essentially target the Sudanese people and their basic rights of enjoying median services and purchasing spare parts and other inputsز

On his part the US charge D'affairs to the Sudan has promised to convey the position expressed the government of the Sudan to the US administration, while at the same time stressing that the us administration is keen to maintain dialogue with the Sudan and that the us was ready to negotiate with Khartoum on all issues of difference and that they are ready to take confidence building measures and to cooperate with the Sudan, and to prepare a roadmap for the normalization of relations on the long run.

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