Prof. Ghandour Meets with Ambassadors of European States to EU

Brussels,  (SUNA)- The Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, has met in the context of his visit to Brussels with the ambassadors of the European states to the European Union, in presence of a number of EU officials, including the special representative of the European Union to the Horn of Africa.
The EU ambassadors have welcomed the visit of Prof. Ghandour and referred to the determination of their respective states to maintain constructive relations with Sudan.
They referred to their concern with the developments at the Sudanese internal arena and the major role being played by Sudan concerning realization of security and peace in the region.
Prof. Ghandour has described as a positive step in enhancing the relations between Sudan and the European Union.
He briefed the European Union ambassadors on a number of issues in Sudan, including the national dialogue and Sudan cooperation with the international community in combating terrorism and the extremist movements.
Prof. Ghandour has stressed the importance of resuming development aid to Sudan and writing off Sudan debts.
He also pointed to the negative impacts of the economic sanctions being imposed on Sudan

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