Bashir addresses Sharm Sheikh Forum, mention challenges facing continent

Sharm Sheikh,  (SUNA) - The President of the Republic, Omar Al Bashir has stressed that the most serious problem that face the African countries was that of infrastructures that link between and among the various African countries.

The President who was responding to

questions presented during the forum to the heads of state, said security problems inside and among the African countries have greatly impacted the African economy and that Sudanese economy in particular.

The president pointed out another challenge facing the African countries is the production of raw material that they export to industrial countries for processing and adding value to them.

The president called on the African countries to work for strengthening the infrastructures amongst them and link with each other in a way that would ease the trade between and among the African countries.

He said resolution of conflicts among the African countries would also help strengthen the African economy.

He said African countries should consider the processing of their raw material in a way this would add value to the African products, in place of exporting row material.

The president pointed out in his intervention to the various fluctuations in the international economy which have impact on the African economy, and that this started as of 2008, impacting the growth rate in the African continent and to the recession in the petroleum product, calling on African leaders to encourage trade among the African countries which form one of the greatest markets, if this advantage was used.

He said trade exchange will also offer more employment for Africans and reduces the rate of unemployment in the continent.

The president said Sudan is one of the richest countries in human and material resources, pointing out to the minerals that the country enjoys as well as to the vast agricultural areas and abundance of water in the country.

He referred to the efforts exerted by the Sudan to secure food for the world and that the country remains a world basket, as named by the FAO.

The president also referred to the strategic location of the country, and that the Sudan is making use of its agricultural produces, which are manufactured locally such as the case of the Sudanese cotton of which 50% is manufactured locally and produced into clothes , specially military clothes what are exported to neighboring countries.

The president pointed to the Sudanese gold production which in 2015 reached 82 tones and to the fact that the Sudan has become a huge source for trained human cadres in the various fields, including telecommunications, technologies, university professor, and engineers as well as other trained cadres.

He expressed optimism that Sudan would witness a considerable economic development.

The president referred to the efforts exerted by the government to achieve peace in the country and to the ongoing national dialogue which receive public contents that would be seen in the political stability the country enjoys.

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