Sudanese and Egyptian Sides Agree on Solution of all Problems Facing Citizens of Two Countries

Khartoum, (SUNA)- The Sudanese and Egyptian sides have agreed on solution of all the problems and obstacles that face the Sudanese citizens in Egypt and the Egyptian nationals in Sudan and

providing them with the biggest share and facilities during their stay in the two countries,
The two parties agreed, by the end of the meetings of the Sudanese - Egyptian consular committee at the Ministry of Affairs in Khartoum, on the sharing of identical points of view, continuity of the mutual understanding between them in full good will and transparency.
In joint press statement with the chairman of the Egyptian side and Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Hamdi Sanad, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdul-Ghani Al-Naeem, said that the two sides have agreed on a detailed and detailed minutes of the meetings which included all the issues of mutual concern.
He said that the two sides agreed on cooperation regarding the crossings, communication between the two countries and easing the movement of trade and investment.
Meanwhile, head of the Egyptian side, Hamdi Sanad, has denied existence of any difference at meeting of the joint Sudanese - Egyptian consular committee, indicating that the two sides have shared identical views and agreed in full good will and transparency on continuation of the mutual understanding between them, adding that each of the two countries respects the people of the other country.
On the issue of the Sudanese traditional miners, Ambassador Sanad said that the two sides have discussed the importance issue of the necessity of respect to the laws of each of the two states, adding that the Egyptian side will shortly provide the Sudanese side with particular information about restoration of the Sudanese minors 'properties.
On the killing of a number of Sudanese citizens at Senai near the Egyptian - Israeli border, chairman of the Egyptian side has underscored the importance of getting more information on the incident and its conditions, completing the investigations, hearing testimonies of witnesses and identifying views of the injured persons prior to adopting measures to avoid re-occurrence of similar incidents.
Ambassador Sanad announced that next October was fixed as a date for holding the second meeting of the joint Sudanese - Egyptian consular committee.

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