President Affirms Independence of the Judiciary

Khartoum,  (SUNA) - President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed independence of the Judiciary in Sudan.
Addressing the opening sitting of the 24th Conference of Deans and

Directors of the Arab Judicial Institutes at the Friendship Hall Tuesday, President Al-Bashir has underscored the importance of training in the legal field, asserting that the legal training has direct effect on the independence of the Judiciary and enables the judges to carry out their tasks more efficiently
He said that Sudan is giving a special concern to the judicial organs and established the Legal Training and Reform Institute and the Institute of Judicial Sciences.
The President of the Republic has directed the Council of Ministers to establish the Arbitration Centre following its ratification to the Arbitration Act.
He referred to the state decision to separate between the Attorney General and the Ministry of Justice.
Meanwhile, President Al-Bashir has underscored the importance of the judicial and legal institutes in providing practical and theoretical training and boosting the scientific research in the legal field.
He said that Sudan has implemented several of the recommendations of the former 23rd Conference of Deans and Directors of the Arab Judicial Institutes, including the financial and administrative independence of the judicial institutes, computerization of the judicial work and expanding the judicial and legal culture.

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