President Deby of Chad to visit Sudan next week

 Ndjamena, (SUNA)- President of Chad, Iddris Deby announced that he would visit Sudan, next week, as affirmation to firmness of the Chadian-Sudanese relations and to thank President Al-Bashir for the Al-Tawasul(contact) Youth Medical Convoy and

for his continuous efforts to consolidate relations between the two countries.

President Deby affirmed during meeting, Friday with delegation of the Convoy led by Federal Health Minister, Bahar Iddris Abu Garda, his country support to security and stability in Sudan in general and in Darfur , in particular , disclosing that Sudan stability means stability of Chad and instability of one of them affects the other.

The Chadian President expressed desire to apply programs and projects of the National Union for Sudanese Youth in Chad and expressed pleasure over expertise of the Sudanese youth in field of youth projects , commending the Union efforts to support bilateral relatiosn and to cement ties of joint cooperation.

President Deby expressed appreciation to Government and people of Sudan for dispatching the Al-Tawasul Youth Medical Convoy for their brothers in Chad, hailing the National Union for Sudanese Youth roles at internal and external arenas.

He stated that the convoy has dispensed good services to people of his country and that it contributed in alleviating suffering of a number of the needy.

Federal Health Minister, Abu Garda conveyed greetings of President Al-Bashir to President Deby and affirmed Sudan keenness to maintain strategic cooperation relation with Chad in a way that serves interest of the two countries.

The delegation comprises Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Bedawi, Chairman of the National Union for Sudanese Youth, Dr Shogar Bashar, Secretary-General of the Council for International People's Friendship(CIPF), Engineer Abdul-Monem Al-Sunni, representative of the Sudanese Expatriates Affairs Organ and a number of MPs.

SUNA noted that the Youth Medical Convoy dispatched to Chad was under auspices of the First Vice-President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih and supervision of the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud and by support of Federal Health Minister, Bahar Iddris Abu Gardaas well as with coordination of Sudan Embassy in Chad and participation of the National Union for Sudanese Youth, the Sudanese Expatriate Affairs Organ and the Council for International People's Friendship (CIPF).

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