Sudan and Ethiopia Agree on Cooperation and Joint Work to Protect Vital Interests and Strategic Projects

 Khartoum,  (SUNA) - Sudanese - Ethiopian talks at the level of the Ministers of Defence were concluded Monday in Khartoum.
The Sudanese side was chaired by the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Oaf, while the Ethiopian side was chaired by the Minister of Defence, Suraj Fagsha, in presence of the Chiefs of Staff of the two countries.
The talks between the two ministers were chaired by preparatory meetings at the level of experts.
The two parties underscored the importance of their meetings in consolidating the bilateral relations and

realizing the mutual interests by maintaining peace, security and stability in Sudan and Ethiopia and also at the region.
The Sudanese and Ethiopian sides decided establishment of relations between them on the bases of mutual confidence and cooperation for realizing the interests of the two peoples, especially that the two peoples are linked to each other by historic, social, economic and political bonds, a matter that necessitates military cooperation between them for protecting the vital interests of the two countries and the strategic projects of each party, securing the joint border against foreign intervention and the elements hostile to peace, besides the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of refugees and the combat of terrorism and the elements hostile to peace.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Oaf, has affirmed the importance of the meetings between the two sides and working together for securing the border between the two countries to pave the way for development at the joint border area.
The Ethiopian Minister of Defence has affirmed the keenness of his country to enhance the relations between its armed forces with the Sudanese Armed Force in the fields of the exchange of experiences and joint training.
He referred to the stability of the joint border area thanks to the cooperation and coordination between the Armed Forces of the two countries.
It is to be recalled that meetings of the joint technical military committees are being held regularly for assessment of the cooperation between the two sides

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