Ambassador Barido: Relations with United States is Important to Enhance Relations with Neighbouring Countries

 Khartoum, (SUNA)- The External Relations Committee of the National Dialogue has considered enhancement of Sudan relations with the United States as approach to strengthen Sudan relations with its neighbouring countries.
In an open interview broadcast live by the mass media from the Friendship Hall, the Chairman of the dialogue's External Relations Committee, Ambassador Omer Barido, affirmed his committee's confidence that the General Assembly of the National Dialogue will adopt the committee's recommendations.
He referred to the commitment of the President of the Republic

implementation of the recommendations of national dialogue.
He said that the External Relations Committee has been keen throughout 40 meetings that it held to achieve accord so that Sudan can be able to surpass the challenges facing it.
He said that the current international situation is based on regional and international contradictions, indicating that Sudan is facing the challenge of preserving its unity and cohesion.
Ambassador Barido said that solution of the differences facing the Sudanese people are surmountable, stressing that Sudan is a part of the international community.
He said that the External Relations Committee has recommended establishment of a national council for foreign policy which is headed by the President of the Republic and includes the Foreign Minister as rapporteur, adding that this council shall include for foreign ministers, representatives of the government and opposition and other concerned circles.
He said that the External Relations Committee of the national dialogue has underscored the importance of consolidating the cooperation and the political, economic, cultural and security relations with the neighboring countries, adding that the committee also recommended establishing special relations with South Sudan State.
Ambassador Barido said that the External Relations Committee has called for bolstering Sudan relations with the Arab, Islamic and African countries as well as consolidating the relations with India, China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, the European Union and Latin America countries.
He said that the issue of Sudan relations with the United States was largely discussed by the External Relations Committee. Adding the committee has given recommendations for lifting the economic blockade from Sudan and removing the name of Sudan from the list of countries supporting terrorism.
He said that the External Relations Committee has called for strengthening Sudan cooperation with the regional and international entities, especially the G77 grouping, the Non Allied Movement, the African Union, the IGAD and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
He indicated that the committee has called for reactivating the role of Sudan at the regional and international and regional organizations

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