Ministry of Livestock stresses importance of statistics for livestock sector's development

The Ministry of Livestock has lauded the need for a database and statistics on livestock in the country to be carried out by the Ministry's General Administration of States' Affairs

through the concerned ministries in the states for the development of the animal resource's sector.

The ministry stated, in a working paper it presented the meeting of the States' Ministers of Livestock held recently in the ministry, that the statistics includes the number of animals come daily to the markets including horses, donkeys and poultry. The paper also pointed to the slaughtered animals and the leather produced and prepared for industry and export as well as the numbers of daily vaccination and type of vaccines used. The number of dairy farms, poultry and their production are also to be included in the statistics besides the number of cattle eugenics through artificial insemination and natural selection along estimating the number of cattle in the different education systems in the stable herd in the villages, in irrigated projects and dairy farms.

The ministry pointed out that the statistics would also include the numbers of cattle that migrate to neighboring countries and countries to which they migrate to the period they spend outside the country. In addition to the number of farms of fish farming, cultivated swamps and arable for cultivation and the estimates of fish production and stocks. That is besides the number of modern and traditional tanneries, the amount of tanned leather and leather products categorization as well as the determination of the most important cattle markets, quarantines and types and of pens of wildlife.


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