Saudi Arabia Affirms Not Demanding Sudan to Specify Its Stance Towards Gulf Crisis

Khartoum: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has affirmed that it did not demand Sudan to specify  a clear  stance towards Gulf crisis and the crisis taking place between the


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United  Arab Emirate State and Egypt from the one hand and Qatar state from the other
Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Khartoum Ali Bin Hassan Jafar said the Kingdom did not demand Sudan or any other country to take a stance towards Qatar state and towards the Gulf crisis.
He added in a press briefing yesterday at the premises of the Embassy in Khartoum that the Kingdom respect the interior policies of each country stressing that Saudi Arabia respects and appreciates Qatar state wishing that the coming hours would see a relief in the Gulf crisis and the relations return back to normalcy.
He went on to say that the Kingdom doesn’t consider Qatar as an enemy state but there are aggressive policies that undermined the relations noting that the decision of boycotting Qatar is an alert to its governors that the policies they are adopting are wrong adding that “ We ask  Allah that those in charge may resort to discretion and this is what we wish “
He affirmed that  Saudi Arabia’s  stance towards Qatar is because it is fed up  of its attempt to destabilize the security in  Saudi Arabia over the past two decades accusing Qatar of supporting terrorists
Jafar has further disclosed the increase of the Sudanese pilgrims from 25600 up to 32000 under an agreement with the Sudanese Ministry of Guidance & Endowment to enable those desiring to perform Haj
He described the Saudi investments in Sudan as good and developing continuously whereby the total investments amounted to eleven million Dollars

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